attic insulation services in burleson, tx

Experiencing a Drafty Home?

Upgrade to blown-in fiberglass insulation in your Burleson, TX home

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, not quite. While you likely can't see your attic's insulation, it can affect the temperature in your home. Salter Exteriors can install or replace insulation in your Burleson, TX home's attic.

We use high-quality blown-in fiberglass insulation that is fire and moisture resistant, so it'll last longer. To get a free estimate for our new home insulation services, reach out to our team today.

When should you replace your attic insulation?

When you can't see your insulation, it can be hard to tell when it should be replaced. However, there are a few signs you should upgrade to blown-in fiberglass insulation, including:

Hot and cold spots in your home
Higher-than-normal electric bills
Icicles forming on your roof during winter

A pest infestation in your attic may have also damaged your insulation. To get an insulation replacement or new home insulation services, contact us right away.